What Should Your Error Page Include to Increase Your Membership Site’s CTR?

If you own a membership site, then the error page is one of the pages you should definitely not ignore, since it can have a major effect on your conversion rates.

In order to create the most converting error page you first need to identify the types of people who may enter it.

Basically, there are 2 types of visitors who may be redirected to your site’s error page:

  1. Members who are not logged-in to the membership site
  2. Visitors who are trying to access content they do not have permission to (protected content)

So in that case, your error page should include:

  1. A notification about the redirection to an error page
  2. An option for the members to log-in to the site
  3. A sales page for your non-members

Turning Your Error Page to a Sales Page

The most important part of your site’s error page is the sales page, so I would highly recommend that you use the exact same sales page you are using to sell your product or service, and not just give a short brief of it.

I found a great plugin that allows you to add a simple shortcode to your error page and present the same sales page.

One of the great things about using this plugin is that any changes you make in the original sales page will automatically appear in the error page.

The plugin is free and is called Post Content Shortcodes and the shortcode looks like this: [ post-content id=X ]

How Should Your Error Page Look Like

This is a sample of how your error page should look like:

Oops! This Content is Members Only

The content you’re trying to view is for members only.

Existing Members Please Log-in Here

Add your log-in form here (if you are using Wishlist Member then you should use this shortcode: [ wlm_loginform ] )

Non Members Please Read Below

(The shortcode below enables you to display your sales letter within other pages).

[ post-content id=X ]


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