The Most Converting Registration Form for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

In order to get as many new members as possible to your membership site you must have a simple registration form that won’t scare your visitors away.

What is I told you that there’s a registration form that:

1. Can be placed anywhere you want on your site?

2. Has only 2 fields (username + email)?

3. Has a real-time form validation?

Our team had developed that kind of plugin and it’s called Wishlist Registration Widget.

The reason we decided to develop this plugin is because we were looking for ways to increase our membership sites’ registration CTR, so we ran some tests.

We have tested the regular Wishlist Member registration form and Wishlist Registration Widget and we discovered that the second one increased our registration conversion rates in over 40% which is a lot!

But what is so powerful that made Wishlist Registration Widget get a lot more new members to our membership site?

Below you will find a comparison table between the regular registration form on Wishlist Member membership sites and Wishlist Registration Widget form that will reveal the answer.

Registration Forms Comparison Table

Wishlist Member Regular Registration Form

Wishlist Registration Widget Form

Registration Form Location on SiteInside posts and pages only, meaning that the registration form cannot be seen from every location on your site.The registration form is a widget so it can be seen from every location on your site. You can place it in your header, footer, sidebar... everywhere according to your theme's widget areas.
Number of Form Fields5 default fields: Username, First Name, Last Name, Email and Password.2 fields only: Username and Email. This form makes your visitors life a lot easier and, therefore, does not scare your visitors away.
Real-Time Form ValidationDoes not exist.Exists by default. The form will notify your users in real-time if one of the details is incorrect or taken as they type-in.

Wishlist Member Registration Form Screenshot 

Wishlist Registration Widget Form

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