How to Find New Content Ideas for Your Membership Site

The most important thing in a membership site is the content delivered to the members. In order to make them want to consume your content, and even pay you for it, you must deliver high quality content.

It’s not so easy finding new content ideas to deliver to your members, especially when many of the content can be found for free online.

That’s why you must be creative and constantly think of how you can give your members more value. The below you will find some simple ideas on how to find new content that will keep your members.

7 Ways to Get New Content Ideas

Register to different services

You can get great content ideas by registering to courses that talk about your niche, search for lectures online and read a lot of articles from different sources.

Now all you need to do is grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down new topics that you can further expand and turn them into new posts.

Talk to experts in your niche

That is a great way to get new ideas about your niche. If, for example, your membership site is about golf then you can search for golf trainers that are willing to share their knowledge and maybe even give you new directions you never even considered.

You can also offer them a partnership for a percentage of your membership site’s revenues in exchange for their contribution.

Ask Your Members

There’s no better way to finding new content your members will be interested in than to ask them. A great way to do that is by asking them to answer surveys from time to time.

Comment Section

The comment section is also a fantastic place to get new posts ideas from. Encourage your members to comment on your membership site and ask questions. You will be surprised just how much good content you can find there.

Build a Forum

You can build your members a forum where they can ask each other questions and start new dissections, however, if you don’t have enough members, I would say at least 100, it’s not recommended and it will only make your forum looks bad.

Yahoo Answers

I love Yahoo Answers since a lot of people love asking questions there in many different subjects. You can really find great posts ideas for your niche.

Build a free membership site

It’s easier attracting members to a free membership site than to a paid one. By creating engagement to your free membership, your members will look at you more and more as authority and consult with you.

Got Any More Ideas?

There are so many ways to finding new content ideas; all you need to do is find the best ways that suits you, and if you have some more ideas that could help others we would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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