5 Signs to Help You Know Your Members Trust You

5 Signs to Help You Know Your Members Trust You

I believe a membership site should not only have a paid membership, but also a free membership.

Having a free membership will help you get much more members, since it’s usually easier to register people to a free service rather than to a paid service.

These free members are valuable asset, and when you will be able to get them to trust you and see you as an authority in your niche, then you will be able to turn them not only to paying members, but even to reoccurring members.

If you want to increase your revenues, then you should be able to identify when your members are at a point where they trust you and offer them your paid services.

Sure, it’s possible to sell a membership without creating that strong engagement feeling in your members, however, having a free membership can give a boost to your paid registrations and increase your revenues¬†tremendously, so why not try it?

So, these are the 5 signs that will tell you your members trust you :

  1. When they ask for your advice
  2. When they seek for your recommendation on other products or services
  3. When they comment on your site on a regular basis
  4. When they recommend about your site to others
  5. When they offer you joint venture
These signs may seem obvious to you, but sometimes the most obvious signs are the ones people usually tend to ignore.

So, what happens if I you release your first product, but almost no one buys?

Well, it may not be a piece of cake to sell your first paid service, even if you know that you did manage to get your members to engage to you and to your site.

The most important thing is to not give up. If you believe in your product, then your members will eventually buy what you product, and then they will probably buy your next product, and even the next one…

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