4 Ways to Convince Your Visitors to Sign-Up to Your Free Membership Level

Many membership sites owners are constantly struggling to register new members to their membership sites, and there are two main problems for that:

1. Visitors don’t want to leave their details at all and, therefore, don’t register to the site

2. Visitors fill-in wrong details like wrong emails

People are doing so because they are worried they will be constantly bothered with spam messages, meaning: they don’t trust you!

So how can you make you visitors trust you and want to give you’re their real details? You can do it in several simple ways:

1. Write a Guarantee Sentence

Tell them you are not going to spam their email. You can write something like: “your privacy is important to us and we will never give your details to anyone”. If you won’t tell them, how will they know you really aren’t going to do that?

We added these few words to our registration form and it increased the registration rates in over 40%, that’s a lot!

2. Add a Short Video

Adding a video of yourself or with a short presentation will not only create more reliability but it’s also a great way to grab your visitors’ attention to the form.

3. Share with Your Members What You are Going to Send Them By Mail

You can write the list of subjects or idea you are sharing with your members by mail, for example:

As a member you will get:

  • A new chapter of my new guide called: “How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur” every week
  • A monthly bonus
  • Daily tips
  • And so on…

By giving your visitors a clue of what they are about to receive from you by mail they are more likely to want to join your membership site.

4. Give them a Bonus for Signing-Up

Send a bonus to every new member that registers your site and add a picture next to the registration form to let them know you are about to send them a gift.

Create Simple Registration Form that Converts

With Wishlist Registration Widget you can create a simple registration form that will register your members to the free level on your membership site and customize it to your needs:

  • Add a title
  • Add text before and after the registration form in a special content box
  • Add HTML codes inside the content box area
  • Add a picture
  • Add as many more adjustments as you need by changing the CSS code

Your Turn…

How do you convince your visitors to register to your membership site?

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